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LifeChange: Transition

LifeChange: Transition

God is still at work in our heart, even when life has stabilized. How will you continue to grow and pursue the Lord once you get back on track?
Our LifeChange program is a two-phase residential program for men who are ready to overcome homelessness, addiction, and other life-dominating issues. The second phase of the program, LifeChange: Transition, lasts one year and serves up to 19 men at a time.

Who can join LifeChange: Transition?

Transition residents must be men, age 18 or older, who have successfully completed the Recovery phase of the program and obtained a reliable source of income, typically from employment or occasionally from disability.

What can someone expect in LifeChange: Transition?

  • On-site efficiency apartment with a bed, restroom, and kitchenette
  • Three meals a day
  • On-site laundry facilities
  • Access to an exercise center, computer lab, and TV lounge
  • Donated items, including clothes, personal toiletries, books, etc.

What does life look like in LifeChange: Transition?

The goal of the Transition phase is to build on the hard-fought successes of the Recovery phase. Residents continue to grow in stability, responsibility, and maturity by living and working semi-autonomously. Key objectives in this phase of the program include:

  • Pursuing deeper connection with a local church
  • Eliminating debt
  • Reconciling with family and friends
  • Securing long-term, independent housing

Due to the nature of the Transition phase, nearly all residents work full time. However, residents still are required to complete daily chores and engage in regular counseling. Residents also must participate in classes and attend chapel as their work schedule permits.

How much does LifeChange: Transition cost?

The Transition phase of the program costs $320 per month.

How can someone join LifeChange: Transition?

All Transition residents must have successfully completed the Recovery phase of the program. To learn more about the Recovery phase, please complete our referral form or schedule an enrollment appointment by contacting Jason Crigler at 502.584.6543, Ext. 104.